Little luxuries you deserve

Word on the street is....

So I am the worst at holiday shopping. Either I know exactly what to get you, and in that case I give it to you early and then I have to get you something else....This year shipping is taking an extremely long time and not judging but you may have forgotten a present or two. This store is unbelievable. It’s like they picked all of my favorite things. You can even FaceTime shop or even text and shop. you can even send a picture of your MIL or wife and the owner will send you what she thinks would work best for them.


I love getting my gifts from you! Only place I buy gifts!


I needed a pick-me-up to make me feel good, so, I came into my favorite store to find something cozy and soft!


Its so amazing to know that I can walk into a store and immediately be greeted with warmth and love! When I need a gift, I don't even have to think twice about where I am going to go, Ruby's has something for EVERY woman in my life!